Gin and tonic, engraved large gin balloon glass gift

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Product Overview

Popular gin and tonic large gin balloon glass gift idea for a friend or family member - engraved and personalised with the gin lover's name

At 730ml, this gin balloon has a capacity of just under 3/4 of a litre!

Dishwasher safe, this glass is perfect for gin and tonics or gin cocktails, this massive gin balloon glass features a strong, beaded rim and solid base.

A special occasion glass that can be used every day!

Our glassware is engraved using a sandcarving process to provide the highest quality possible.

It means that the engraving is more even, deeper and smoother to touch than the standard laser engraving that is most commonly offered.

Sandcarving is a permanent process because we are actually taking away a layer of the glass, rather than splintering it with a laser. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review