Engraving FAQ's

The CV Engraving team of skilled creatives lovingly engrave your gift using a multitude of engraving machinery and techniques to include impact and laser engraving in addition to sand-carving.

The exact engraving technique is matched to best suit the material, thus ensuring a premium quality finished gift for any occasion - whether it be a polished metal, hard or soft wood, anodised metal or glassware.

What design can I have engraved onto my gift?
We are design-led engravers meaning that you are purchasing the design style shown in the listing image, but substituting your name and other personalisation as required. This means that we will use any imagery or typefaces as indicated in the listing photography.

Can you engrave foreign accents or emoji's?
Sadly no, some of our software won't accommodate accents or emojis. 

How much does it cost for the engraving?
All of our engraved gifts include the cost of engraving. There is no additional or hidden charge.

Are elements of your engraved gifts pre-engraved?
No, we engrave to order using blank engravable gifts.

Do you custom engrave?
Custom engraving is quoted separately because of any time required in the set up of engraving files, and is only available for orders with a minimum quantity of 10.

How long does it take to engrave a gift order?
We like to state 3-5 working days for engraving, but aim to ship in a shorter timescale. However, at busier times it may be slightly longer. If you need an engraved gift in a hurry - then contact us first to ensure that we are able to help.

The creative team at CV Engraving have the know how to engrave your gift, to a premium quality at the right price...